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Customers are able to return their MB2E machines for a full refund within 30 days of the original purchase.



At we proudly stand behind the quality of our products. In the event of any defect, please send the complete device back to us, including all parts. If a problem due to a defect in materials or construction is detected within the warranty period, we will eliminate the defect via repair or replacement, at our sole discretion, free of charge. If we determine that the defect was detected after the warranty period had expired or was caused by carelessness or misuse by you or a third party—e.g., dropping the device––we will gladly perform the repair once we have received your acceptance and payment of the cost estimate.

NOTE: warranty is null and void if incorrect voltage power adapter is used



With a double boiler (or with a Crock-Pot) many variables are left to chance, including how long to cook extractions, how often to stir, what temperature is best to achieve optimum results, the best way to filter, limiting nutrient loss, and controlling odors. Also, such devices include no immersion blender, digital thermostat, or onboard computer, making them incapable of doing what our multipurpose cooker and Botanical Extractor™ does. The MagicalButter machine is scientifically designed for a specific purpose: infusing your butter and oils—or creating incredible recipes—with little or no tedious labor. We took our customers’ preferences and requirements into full consideration when designing and developing the advanced technology that governs the unit. Unique among kitchen appliances, your MagicalButter device is encoded with microprocessor-controlled program sequences to optimize your results—consistently and predictably. As long as the directions are carefully followed, there should never be an error or an “uh-oh” moment; TeamMB has effectively designed those out of the culinary experience for you.



Aside from providing ambiance and a colorful, entertaining light show in your kitchen, the integrated LED display encircling the top of your MagicalButter appliance has an important, functional purpose: continuously informing you of the machine’s operating status. The lights are strategically positioned to reflect off the ceiling in a dark room during operation. As the device is exceptionally quiet when not blending or stirring, the LED display constantly and silently indicates that the cooking cycle is proceeding. The lights automatically shut off, and the unit beeps, to notify you when the cycle is completed.



The Temperature button allows you to select from No Heat, 110º/43ºC, 130ºF/54ºC, 160°F/71°C, 190°F/88°C, 220°F/104°C, and 250°F/121°C temperature settings. (Note: Not all temperature options listed are present on all models. Please refer to the owner’s manual for your specific model settings.) Pressing the same button jumps to the next setting. The recommended setting for herb-based recipes is 160°F/71°C. If available on your model, select 130°F/54°C when using at high altitude or in a dry climate. The 1 Hour/Oil, 2 Hours/Butter, 4 Hours/Tincture, and 8 Hours buttons each run a microprocessor-controlled cooking program sequence for the selected time duration.IMPORTANT: ALWAYS SELECT TEMPERATURE FIRST; THEN PRESS THE DESIRED TIME BUTTON. The Clean button runs the automatic self-cleaning cycle. The Blend button (present on certain models) operates the manual blending function.



Unplug the electrical cord from the device. Fill the pitcher with water to a level halfway between the MIN and MAX lines. Add a small amount of dish soap, secure the head, plug the electrical cord back in, and press the Clean button. After the Clean cycle has completed, unplug the electrical cord from the device, and rinse the remaining soap out of the interior of the machine. Note: DO NOT WET OR SUBMERGE ANY BLACK-COLORED PARTS OF THE MACHINE.



The internal programming of the MagicalButter machine is designed to quickly and automatically shut the device down if cooking is attempted with either too little or too much material inside. If the pitcher is filled below the MIN line, sensors act to prevent overheating; if above the MAX line, to prevent overflow. This important design feature protects your MagicalButter machine and extends its lifespan, ensuring you get the most enjoyment possible from your experience.